WATCH: Balla Mart “nearly pushed to capacity”

Over 1,200 lots went under the hammer; bullocks reached €1,830, while suckler teams peaked at €1,850, cull cows hit €1,520 and heifers topped out at €1,600.

WATCH: Breeding heifers hit €1,880 at Balla

Bullocks sold for up to €1,700, cull cows hit €1,665 and springers peaked at €1,410 at Saturday’s sale.

WATCH: Heifers make up to €1,105 over the kg at Balla

The sale-topping bullock – that made €955 over the kg – who sold by a farmer who recently appeared on Winning Streak. Springers reached €1,950 and up to €1,700 was forked out in the cull cow ring.

WATCH: €1,550 for bullocks at Balla

Dry cows sold to €1,775, springers topped out at €1,700 and heifers sold to €1,520.