Exporters active for Italian market at Balla

Bulls in the 350-450kgs bracket met with strong export demand

WATCH: Improved trade for weanlings at Balla

Farmers made their presence felt at the ringside

Exporters ‘not as active’ at Balla

"Bull weanlings 200kg-350kg were plentiful and while not making big money, they averaged €2.35/kg"

WATCH: Weanling heifers reach €1,320 at Balla

A November-2018-born LMX - 395kg - €1,320 or €3.34/kg.

WATCH: €2,220 for breeding heifer at Balla

The LMX – weighing 500kg – made €2,200 or €1,720 over.

€2,000 for cull cow at Balla

Heifers met a stronger trade than bullocks

WATCH: Suckler pairings peak at €1,690 at Balla

Bullocks reach €1,275, heifers hit €1,390 and dry cows climbed to €1,545.

WATCH: €2,185 for cull cow at Balla

"A good trade with prices holding up well because of the presence of some keen buyers.”

WATCH: Bullocks reach €1,670 at Balla

Heifers sold to €1,490, cull cows reached €1,665 and suckler pairings topped out at €1,750.

Heifers reach €3.85/kg at Balla

Some 1,200 entries went under the hammer, according to the mart.

WATCH: Breeding heifer makes €1,780 at Balla

Bullocks reached €1,690, while cull cows climbed to €1,800 and suckler pairings peaked at €1,900.

WATCH: Balla Mart “nearly pushed to capacity”

Over 1,200 lots went under the hammer; bullocks reached €1,830, while suckler teams peaked at €1,850, cull cows hit €1,520 and heifers topped out at €1,600.

WATCH: Breeding heifers hit €1,880 at Balla

Bullocks sold for up to €1,700, cull cows hit €1,665 and springers peaked at €1,410 at Saturday’s sale.