Lameness in Dairy Cows

This week, after the long winter season, we look at lameness in Dairy Cattle.

Sheep Guide: Foot-Rot and Scald

In the next of our Sheep Guide, we look at foot-rot and scald, two big causes of lameness:

Sheep Guide: Watery Mouth

Our next Sheep Guide looks at Watery mouth, a contagious disease that affects newborn lambs. It's usually fatal:

Dairy Update: Calf Diseases and how to prevent them

With newborns arriving every day, we give some tips on diseases in calves and how to prevent them.

Sheep Guide: Lambing Part 2 - The Birth

This weeks sheep guide, is suitably about lambing and how to minimise problems while birthing.

‘We won’t be surprised if there’s a large Schmallenberg breakout this spring’

Senior animal officials have confirmed to That's Farming that 2018 may see a significant Schmallenberg outbreak.

Dairy Update: Calves and Milk Replacer

In the next Dairy Update, we look into feeding your new calves, and how to know if your milk replacer is good quality:

#CALFMATTERS - Vaccinate for healthy calves

New Video: Meet Tina Godfrey who rears 150 calves on her farm in the UK! Find out why vaccination is so important to Tina on her farm.

Farmer convicted of Fishy behavior.

A Galway farmer has today being convicted of a breach to the Water Pollution Act which resulted in numerous fish deaths.

Watch: Once a day milking in West Mayo

We recently visited Ronan Joyce in West Mayo who is milking on a once a day system - Find out why using a zero milk withdrawal product is a huge benefit to Ronan