Dairy Update - Replacement heifers, further calves and more.

It's the final Dairy Update of January 2019 and this week saw the team discuss replacement heifers, further calving and more. Get it all on this week's Dairy update below.

Dairy Update - Lack of grass affecting performance, grass measuring and more!

Still no rain, which is affecting growth and milk production, though our s are spreading fertiliser, grass measuring, sourcing silage, cutting whole-crop silage, breeding finally finished and much more.

Dairy Update: Meningitis, the mart, weaning and more!

Louise has a case of meningitis on the farm this week, with more calves also sold. Aran meanwhile is trying to get silage ground sorted for the coming season, with more fertiliser spread on both farms.

Sheep Guide: More Orf, Swayback, Vaccinations and watching for maggots!

Philip tackles more orf outbreaks this week, with great results, while Matthew gets the last of sheep out to grass, while also drenching for Nematodirus.

Sheep Guide: Good results from lambing, dosing and more!

This week, CiarĂ¡n is approaching the end of lambing, while all three are looking to prevent future illness. Read about what happened on their farms this week below!