‘I don’t have time for a scour outbreak’ - dairy farmer

The Healys are milking 280 cows as part of a grass-based, spring-calving system.

International award for Clonagh herd

Clonagh Darling Eyes received the Simmental Miss World award at Farmfair International in Canada

Dairy Update - Milk Recordings, Slurry, Falling yields, Nutrition and more!

First milk recording of the year, heifers calved, slurry spread, diets formulated, falling yields due to the introduction of heifers to the herd, grass protein levels, OAD milking benefits and more discussed.

Dairy Update - Milk Recording, Urea, Milk Fever, OAD, Post-grazing cover and more

Milk Recording, OAD milking, Classifying the herd, milk fever, preparing cows for calving, post-grazing cover, urea and selling calves, it is all discussed on this week's Dairy Update, which you can read below!

Sheep Guide - Nematodirosis, the causes and how to prevent it

With lambing season in full swing, the tips continue as part of our Weekly Sheep guide. This week, we focus on the severe disease which often results in the death of young lambs, Nematodirosis.

Dairy Update - OAD milking, calving, fertiliser, pulliing beet and more.

The benefits of once a day milking are discussed, as new replacements join the milking herd, beet is pulled, fertiliser spread and calving continues.

Sheep Guide - Lambing: Health issues and problems

Lambs can succumb to many different ailments after the birthing process, but are you doing all you can to prevent them? What should you look out for? Find out below on this week's Sheep Guide!