Using alpacas as therapy animals

The benefits include exercise; a sense of well-being, stress reduction, emotional well-being and peace and tranquillity, writes Joe Phelan.

K2Alpacas: Parlour Week

There are two areas an alpaca does not like to be touched - their head and their feet; because their main defence mechanisms are sight and flight, writes ‘Alpaca Joe’.

Update: Flock protection using alpacas

Alpacas make good guard animals for sheep or poultry - generally, they need to be 2 or 3-years-old to have the maturity and confidence to do so, writes Joe Phelan.

K2Alpacas: Hay and Haylage - the alpaca’s internal furnace

A few days later, Samson was on the ground again, so I decided to take him to my vet, this time; however he did not recover and died on route, writes Joe Phelan.

K2Alpacas: Preventing and treating ‘Mighty Mites’

Alpacas are always scratching and grooming thus mites can spread quickly. Mites are highly infectious, so it’s important to treat all others that are in contact with the infected alpaca.

K2Alpacas: Halter Training - what you need to know

Halter training presents the opportunity to get to know your alpacas very well. Our approach is focused on making sure the alpacas enjoy the experience and not turning it into a battle, writes Joe Phelan.

Alpaca Update: Wetter and colder weather, fencing & new products

The hay is like an internal furnace for them and generates heat for them and the feed gives them additional vitamins and trace elements and energy, writes Joe Phelan.

Update: Returning from the ‘Home of Alpacas’ and husbandry work

Worming; parasite treatments and the next round of vitamins were on ‘Alpaca Joe’s’ agenda when he returned from Peru.

K2Alpaca: Alpaca Fiesta 2018 and visiting the home of the alpaca

‘Alpaca Joe’ visited Lima; Cusco and Arequipa as part of his visit to ‘the home of the alpaca’ - read his update here.

Alpaca Update: ‘The fibre of the Gods’ and visiting the home of the alpaca

‘Alpaca Joe’ is on a working holiday in Peru - the home of the alpaca. He outlines the history of alpacas and the improvement of the breed in this update.

Alpaca Update: Halter training and Christmas treks

Halter training generally takes 4 weeks but some progress faster than others - ‘Alpaca Joe’ provides some tips as part of this week’s update.

Alpaca Update: Preparing for an open day and selling animals

‘Alpaca’ Joe discussions his plans for an open day this Sunday; trekking business affairs and other routine husbandry procedures.

Alpaca Update: Treatments, making working pens and alpaca fibre

‘Alpaca Joe’ responded to queries from potential alpaca purchasers and continued his attempt to link up with people interested in using alpaca fibre.