Irish winners at the World Steak Challenge

There were any Irish winners at the World Steak Challenge for 2017. Video courtesy of

Deputy Jackie Cahill Tells Dáil, ABP has 'monolopy interest' in Irish beef.

The Tipperary TD has accused ABP of having a monolopy interest in the Irish beef sector.

Luke Ming Flanagan speaks out on ABP deal.

The MEP has spoken out about the ABP deal and questioning the EU's commitment to small farmers.

Breaking: ABP buy third Polish beef plant

The meat giant has added another notch in its belt with the acquisition of a third Polish meat factory.

Saturday Feature: That’s Farming Podcast

Check out this week's jam-packed show on the ABP deal, farming and the law, Budget 2017 and more, with guests such as Michael Fitzmaurice TD and vet Tommy Heffernan.

Editorial: Larry, the family farm and the Aboriginal stockmen

John Connell, Editor of That's Farming talks about the Goodman empire and how a similar beef baron was defeated by an unlikely group of people.

93% of readers worried about the future of the beef sector after ABP/Slaney dea

A staggering 93% of That's Farming readers are worried about the very future of the Irish beef sector after the ABP/Slaney deal.

ABP/Slaney Meats Deal: Is it time for Farmers to Unite

In the afterglow of another questionable victory for Larry Goodman's ever-expanding empire, Tom Jordan asks, is it time to rise up?

ABP: A history

Just who are ABP, where have they come from. We take a look at the history of the meat giant.