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Weird Cow Breeds - The Sayaguesa

An endangered breed of Spanish bovine, the Sayaguesa is one now mainly kept for meat production, with bulls weighing up to 1,100kgs.

WATCH: Achieving 2.59kg over 110 days using potatoes & a High-Maize Mix

The bulls had an average carcass weight of 474.43kg and were of U grade conformation, returning a fat class of 3=.

Poll: Are you in favour of the newly proposed speeding laws?

The highest fines will be applied to those who exceed the speed limit the most, Minister Ross outlined.

Going for Goats - The Tauernsheck Goat

A goat breed native to Austria and primarily raised for dairy purposes, the Tauernsheck is a very uniquely marked breed and one of the world’s rarest breeds.

Talking Trade: Forward store heifers and bullocks in demand

Several managers reported increased farmer activity at marts this week; this led to a slight increase in the price of some cattle. Numbers continued to drop off.

Contractor of the Week - Seamus McClements, Ja McClements & Sons Agri Contractors

This week’s featured contractor hails from Ballycastle in the northeast of Co. Antrim, 31-year-old Suckler farmer and contractor, Seamus McClements of Ja McClements & Sons Agri Contractors.