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‘More cows always equals more work, but not necessarily more profit’

Roy McLean farms just under 100 dairy cows with year-round-calving and a zero-grazing system.

VIDEO: Stokes Agri

Drawing silage with Pottinger silage wagons

‘There is not enough profit to be made with a herd of 20 suckler cows’

Áine Corkery runs a suckler enterprise with her family and studies ag science at UCD.

VIDEO: Donkey discusses his love of farming

GRASSMEN was born as a result of Gault’s passion for silage, machinery, tractors and farming.

VIDEO: How does zero-grazing work?

See the entire process by watching this video.

VIDEO: Milking 600 cows in Japan

“When we produce 6,000 tonnes, I want to have 8 robots installed."