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VIDEO: Shearing sheep with Anna Truesdale

Why do we do it? Does it hurt? What happens if we don't shear?

VIDEO: Checking sucklers using a drone

Gerry6420 flies his drone in rather windy conditions...

Sixth-generation farmer running her own farm shop at the age of 22

Emily McGowan is on a mission to reverse the cycle of supermarkets selling fresh produce at cheaper rates.

VIDEO: Celebrating 10 years of GRASSMEN

Gareth Gault (aka Donkey) explains how GRASSMEN was born.

VIDEO: Rebuilding a 1940 Fordson N tractor

From rebuilding the gearbox, building the engine, shot blasting, and spraying the tractor, each step in the process is shown in detail.

VIDEO: Some of the greatest livestock auctioneers of all time

This video combines over 50 years of World Livestock Auctioneer Champions.

VIDEO: Managing a 750-cow dairy herd

“The robot is now almost like a 65th cow in the herd.”

Ball back in sheep farmers’ court

Quotes continue to rise on the back of tight supplies.

VIDEO: How many silage bales can you make from a driving range?

"I thought I was wasting my time when we were mowing it." - Tom Pemberton