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Mart Quiz: What did these bullocks, heifers, weanlings and cows sell for?

Know what a beast is worth? Prove it, by taking our quiz!

Quiz: How much did these weanling bulls sell for?

Consider yourself to be a judge of mart prices?

Ways to identify a cattle dealer at a mart

The palms of their hands are covered in random lot numbers…

Characters you will meet at the mart

Dealers, young guns, drovers, the father and son/father and daughter duo, window shoppers...

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Quiz: How well do you know Castleisland Mart?

How many cattle are sold annually? Who manages the mart? Let us know your score!

VIDEO: ‘Farmers have the countryside destroyed'

"Them bloody farmers will get a taste of their own medicine." - Jimmy Jests

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Farm jokes as told by Peterson Farm Bros

6 things suckler farmers can relate to

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