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6 things suckler farmers can relate to

You’re tired of people telling you to convert to an alternative enterprise such as dairy…

QUIZ: How much horsepower?

Who knows their machinery?

QUIZ: How well do you know Grassmen?

Who will prove themselves to be the biggest fan?

An agricultural contractor's wardrobe

The earpiece – you get this on your induction to the contractors’ society, similar to getting a knighthood in other walks of life.

You know livestock marts have resumed when…

Your dealer boots and quilted jacket are no longer gathering dust...

Quiz: What county are these marts located in?

How well do you know your marts?

Inside the mind of a sheep

"I'm on my back again."

QUIZ: Are you an agricultural contractor?

Here is your chance to prove it!

QUIZ: The sheep industry

Will you get 8/8?

Ways you can tell you’re a sheep farmer

Your fencing is so good that even you can’t leave the farm.

Items you could find in a contractors' tractor

One man's trash is another man's treasure

Identifying a Fendt owner

They gained a degree in astrophysics just to learn how to start it.

Things you won't hear a dairy farmer say

"I have never had as much sleep as I have this spring."

QUIZ: Driving theory test

Will you pass the test for a second time?