Vets Corner: Nematodirus risk time

Tommy is back this week to looks at why it's risk time for Nematodirus ? Why do we need to act fast if we suspect symptoms?

Vets Corner: Dealing with Coccidiosis

Tommy Heffernan is back with Vets Corner this week to give us some tips on how to deal with Coccidiosis after turnout

Vets Corner: Cryptosporidium the unruly enemy

This week Tommy's dealing with crypto a major problem for any farmer. Here he outlines how to deal with crypto in a special one to one video.

Vets Corner: Calving the cow

It's probably the most common procedure but there's always something new to learn with calving a cow. '

Vets Corner: Downer Cows

With Spring in full swing Tommy's been dealing with busy farms and an old problem that of downer cows.

Vets Corner: Dealing with a Suspected case of Schmallenberg disease

Tommy the Vet is back and this week he has been dealing with a suspected case of Schmallenberg disease in Wicklow

Vets Corner: Listeria in sheep the silent killer

Tommy's dealing with listeria this week, also known as sheep meningitis it can be a killer if not treated quickly.

Vets Corner: Treating calf pneumonia

Tommy the Vet has had a busy week treating pneumonia on farm. Here he shares his advice on treating this potentially deadly illness.