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‘Homebred heifers need to calf at 22-26 months otherwise, they become too expensive’ – Teagasc advisor

"The fact that these heifers are non-productive as 2-3-years-olds is the same as having a cow that does not have a calf." - Callaghan on delaying age at first calving to 36-months.

VIDEO: 'I am proof that you can live through attempted suicide and mental illness' - suckler farmer

I made my hardest decision at that time to sell a block of land and clearing all debts, thinking this would save me from the insanity of my innermost thoughts of ending my life, writes Mattie White.

Farmer's Diary: 'Factory quotes are holding steady for good fleshy lambs'

Last year, ground conditions became so bad we had to house ewes on November 14th, writes Edward Earle, who farms over 300 ewes in partnership with his parents.

Farmer’s Diary: Time this farmer went back to school

I had been trying for a few years now to get onto the Teagasc-run distance Green Cert course for non-agricultural award holders, writes Clodagh Hughes.

Farmer’s Diary: ‘It is good to see a good floor under the price of lambs this time of year’

This sometimes can be a great debate at the table over what ewe should go with what ram, writes Edward Earle.

‘My husband heard loud shots and dog barking coming from the farthest field where my lambs are’

We flew down and he chased a large hunting dog out of the field, writes Clodagh Hughes.

'Weaning should be a gradual process - never abrupt'

"The use of creep gates for forward grazing or introducing meal by creep feeding will help to break the bond between cow and calf prior to weaning.”

33-year-old beef farmer decides against jumping on dairying bandwagon

Robert Stanley runs a 35-40-cow herd and aims to produce top-quality suckler-bred cattle.