Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Shorthorn Cattle expert?

Prove it here! If you get more than 8 right in this Shorthorn cattle quiz, let us know:

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Belgian Blue Expert?

Fancy yourself an expert on these muscled beasts? Test your knowledge here. If you get 8 out of 10 right, let us know!

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Friesian Cattle Expert?

We bet you can't get 10 out of 10 right in this Friesian cattle quiz. Let us know how you did in the comments!

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Salers Cattle Expert?

Test your skills here. Are you the ultimate Salers whisperer? We bet you can't get 10 out of 10 right!

Tuesday Quiz: Are you an Angus Cattle Expert?

Think you know it all about Angus cattle? Take the quiz and prove it. Let us know if you got over 8 questions right on our Facebook and Twitter page:

Organic Farming: Good Beef, Marts, and Prices?

In the next of our organic series, we chat to Willie, a young farmer who's bringing his beef fully organic:

Dairy Update: Calves and Milk Replacer

In the next Dairy Update, we look into feeding your new calves, and how to know if your milk replacer is good quality:

Organic Farming: Organic Dairy at Grennan's Farm

In the next of our organic series, we talk to the father and son behind Grennan's Organic Dairy Farm!

Women in Ag: Meet Eva, a Cattle Expert in NZ and Ireland!

At just 20 years old, Eva has worked abroad and at home while studying the effects of seaweed as cattle feed:

That's Farming Podcast Bitesize: Toni Tapp Coutts' incredible Cattle Story

Listen to our interview with Toni Tapp Coutts here, as she reveals what life was like on the biggest cattle station you've ever heard of:

Organic Farming: Bernadine and James, the Organic B&B!

At Coolanowle House, food is produced and processed by Bernadine and James, then fed to their many B&B guests while keeping prices fair for fellow farmers:

Organic Farming: Dominic Leonard the man for all seasons

In this week's organic farming section we meet Dominic Leonard whose farming cattle, pigs, sheep and just about everything else organically!

Organic Farming: Ploughing with Horses, Hand-Milked Cows & Local Veg

In the next of our organic series, we chat to Eamonn; a Mayo farmer with a uniquely natural farm:

Future Farming: The Pig/Human Hybrid

Meet the pig human hyrbid. Future farming just got weird.

Creed's response to Young Farmers investigation too little

We finally received some answers from the Minister's office about the Young Farmer issues. Decide for yourself, are these excuses enough?