McCarthy will expect next agriculture minister to deliver for farmers

Flor McCarthy believes the IFA did not demand enough from Simon Coveney during his tenure as minister - Full Interview here.

Wildlife: It's 'mad hare' season

Do you know your hares from your rabbits?

Healy promises an open and accountable IFA as President

Interview with IFA presidential candidate, Joe Healy

Wildlife: The Bat

One new 'neighbour' you might be meeting is the brown long-eared bat.

Wildlife: The Pygmy Shrew

The pygmy shrew came to the attention of That's Farming when a journalist's cat caught its first 'mouse' this week

Wildlife: The Red Squirrel

The red squirrel was the original Irish squirrel and where once they were very common, numbers went into serious decline as trees were cut down for human use.

Wildlife: The Red Deer

Probably one of our most underappreciated species, red deer are our largest and the only native species to Ireland.

Wildlife: The Robin – Irelands favourite bird!

In Victorian times postmen wore a red tunic as part of their uniform and were nicknamed Robin Redbreasts after the birds.