My Grazing Week- Winter 4 - Reducing antibiotic use

This week Andrew discusses how he and the team gradually reduced antibiotic use on the farm.

My Grazing Week: Winter 3 - Being cost-effective and Eco friendly

My Grazing week is back and this week Andrew is looking at how to be cost-effective and eco-friendly as all his stock are housed for the winter.

My Grazing Week: Winter 2 Going for gold in milk production

Andrew Walsh is back with this week's My Grazing week and today he's analyzing the results of his AMS KPI project.

My Grazing Week: Autumn 11 - The AMS with Grazing

Was switching systems worth it? Andrew discusses the advantages of using the AMS system with grazing.

My Grazing Week: ABC robotic grazing- Overcoming Storm Ophelia.

This week is Andrew gives us an update on grass growth, the storm and much more.

My Grazing Week: Autumn 10

Check in with Andrew for this week's installment of My Grazing week.

Getting Winter Ready: Preparing to house your cattle ahead of the winter season

Andrew Walsh tells us how he prepares for housing his cattle this year and the common things to look out for in this weeks Getting Winter Ready.

My Grazing Week: Autumn -Grass is green gold

Andrew is back with the ever popular My Grazing week and this week he is looking at the green gold that powers it all; grass.

My Grazing Week: Autumn - Do robots really work with grazing?

Andrew is back with the ever popular series and this week answer a big question from the ploughing to Robots really work with grazing? The answer is a resounding yes!

My Grazing Week: Autumn 5 - Dealing with lame cows

Andrew is back with the ever popular My Grazing Week and this week he is dealing with lame cows.

My Grazing Week: Autumn Harvest and Robotic milking

Andrew is back with the ever popular feature and this week the harvest is drawing his attention.

My Grazing Week: Consistent Milk Quality - Autumn 3

Andrew is back with our ever popular feature My Grazing Week.

My Grazing Week: Autumn 2

On this week's My Grazing week, Andrew Walsh is back and tells how they gain more from a cows first lactation.

My Grazing Week: On ABC Grazing

Andrew is back with the next installment of My Grazing Week and milk yield is starting to decline.

My Grazing Week Summer Series on ABC Robotic Grazing

Andrew Walsh is back from his travels in Australia and so begins the summer series of our popular feature.

My Grazing Week goes Down Under: The DeLaval Grassland Convention

Andrew Walsh is down under for the DeLaval Grassland convention in Tasmania. Here he reports on whats been a great week!

My Aussie Adventure: My Grazing week from 35,000 feet in the air

Andrew Walsh author of My Grazing Week is heading down under with DeLaval and Thats Farming to find out about dairy farming in Tasmania, Australia,

My Grazing Week 25: Feed types dispensed in the robot

Andrew Walsh is back with Week 25 of My Grazing week and the cows are getting used to being back on grass.