Tuesday Quiz: Can you name Ireland's 8 most popular cattle breeds?

It's Tuesday Quiz time! You have 90 Seconds to get the Top 8 cattle breeds in Ireland right! Let us know how you get on!

Video: Being Brilliant at the Basics - Colostrum

Colostrum is the key component to calf health, but how soon after birth should the calf receive this liquid gold? Do you know the golden rule?

Beef Round-up: Choose the Right Breed for your farm

Every aspect of your farm needs to be examined to ensure the best possible outcome and profit.

Sheep Guide: Watery Mouth

Our next Sheep Guide looks at Watery mouth, a contagious disease that affects newborn lambs. It's usually fatal:

Sheep Guide: Minimize Mastitis Risk at Lambing

Ensure you do your best at lambing to minimise the risk of mastitis

Being Brilliant at the Basics - Calf Health Check

Interchem Ireland & That's Farming bring you the next episode of Being Brilliant at the Basics - This week it's the Calf Health Check, a must know for every farmer!

Sheep Guide Part 5: Handling Sheep

In the fifth installment of our sheep guide, we give you some tips on reducing stress for you and your flock:

Video: Being Brilliant at the Basics - Stomach Tubing

Do you know how to correctly use a stomach tube? Check out this video!

Dairy Update: Top Tips For Housing Calves!

On this week's Dairy update, we look at some useful tips when housing calves.

Sunday Video Feature: The Importance of The Sheep-Dog on Achill Island

This week's Sunday Feature, sees us take a trip to Heatherhill Sheep-Dogs in Achill, to see their dogs at work

Dairy Update: Body Condition after calving

This week's Dairy update is all about the importance of ensuring your cattle have a good body condition score after calving. It could, as you know, affect milk production!

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Blonde d'Aquitaine expert?

Its Tuesday so time to get those thinking caps on.

Sunday Video Feature: Oyster Farming in West Clare

We meet Thomas Galvin of Moyasta Oysters for this week's Video feature.

Christmas is coming at Ballybryan Turkey Farm

Christmas is fast approaching and we caught up with Turkey farmers Ger and Paula Lalor as they prepare for the big day.