Farmer's Diary: Taking the first cut of silage

While conditions are great for cutting silage, grazing ground is slow to come back, writes Edward Earle

Farmer’s Diary: So much wool! What am I going to do?

Conditions are perfect to try-out a natural method of washing the raw wool that I have been researching called the suint fermentation method, writes Clodagh Hughes.

Should more dairy farmers consider Aubrac?

12 21-month-old Aubrac-bred bulls out of Friesians dams had an average carcass weight of 387.69kgs and price of €1,381.

Macra Exchange to Scotland

Gillian Moore reflects on stock-judging, visiting poultry, beef, sheep, arable and wind farms and the Royal Highland Show.

VIDEO: Sheep farming on Inishturk Island

Caroline Keane spoke to Eamon Heanue, a sheep farmer on the island of Inishturk, about life on the island and the farming practises he implements.

Farm Smart: Expert guide to breeding management

Dr. Ger Ryan from Dovea Genetics provides expert advice on the key to success for this year’s breeding season, to help you manage your herd more efficiently & effectively.

VIDEO: How do I calculate my breakeven milk point?

It is important for each farm to establish the impact of low milk prices on their farm

Farmer's Diary: I was glad to see the rain

Grass growth has noticeably slowed down in the last week, writes Edward Earle.

‘In-spec requirements shouldn't be the criteria for all cattle presented for slaughter if all markets don't require these conditions’

Until we get these questions answered, farmers have no control, no say, and no choice, writes Pat Maher.

Farmer's Diary: A shearing we shall go!

It’ll cost way more to shear the sheep than their actual fleece is worth, writes Clodagh Hughes.