‘Farmers need to take the lead role when implementing farm safety’

An extra tractor driver or a spare trailer in the field will make a difference when trying to get work done, if weather conditions change, writes Jim Dockery of FRS.

VIDEO: Abortion in ewes

"Farmers that achieve their sheep abortion targets are 5.5 times more likely to hit their other mortality targets.”

Farmer’s Diary: Factory prices and a new approach to dosing lambs

It has been good to see factory prices hold up for July, but for how long that will last? asks Edward Earle, who farms 300 ewes with his parents.

Breeding heifers reach €2,280 at Balla

“There has not been a sale at Balla during this weekend for the last 26 years.."

3 robots and 4 cuts of silage on 160-cow farm

“There is now a plan to shift the calving pattern to having 20 cows per month calving whilst maintaining a break over the summer months.”

What impact does BEEP-S have on weaning calves?

The calf must have received meal for six weeks before it can be sold in order to comply with the scheme.

VIDEO: How to check a ram is fit for breeding

Rams should be checked 10 weeks before the breeding season.

Selling more lambs next year starts now, before conception

"At today's values in a typical 500-ewe lowland flock, this could be worth €5,000 or more,"

VIDEO: New animation - correct use of Ectofly Pour On for sheep

"We are sure that it will prove to be a very useful tool for those involved in Ireland’s animal health industry.”

VIDEO: DIY milk recording with Anna Truesdale

"Lockdown means I've been doing my own milk recording, so I thought I'd show you the process."

Opinion: Time for 260 farmers with €1,000 each to develop suckler-beef brand

"We take control of our own destiny. We can control costs inside our farm gate but have no control for the price we get outside our gate."