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Vets Corner: Nematodirus risk time

Tommy is back this week to looks at why it's risk time for Nematodirus ? Why do we need to act fast if we suspect symptoms?

Watch: Meet Pippa Hackett - An Organic Beef and Lamb Farmer!

We caught up with Pippa to see how she finds farming organically in today's world - Watch our latest video here!

Watch: Grass Guide like money in the bank for Offaly Farmer!

We visited Tim Mannion in Co Offaly recently to check out how he is Saving Fertiliser, Fuel & Time using the Grass Guide! Watch the video here:

One in five Irish people are regular gluten free shoppers!

Despite only 1% of the Irish population having been medically diagnosed with coeliac disease, One in five Irish people are regular gluten free shoppers!

A Great New Era 4 Silage Bale Wrapping in Ireland

Watch: It appears that a baling evolution is currently underway wherein a new binding method has now begun to replace netwrap!

Watch: TF Podcast - Special Edition: Francisco Rodriguez

TF was down under as part of the DeLaval Grassland Robotics conference and we caught up with the head of integrated robotics for North America Francisco Rodriguez.

Tommythevet launches PreVEnT2d to show how prevention beats cure

It takes less effort to prevent something than to cure it - Solutions that make farming better!

Watch: Vets Corner, Grass tetany hypomagnesia

Tommy is early this week with Vets corner but for a very good reason - Grass tetany hypomagnesia is a huge risk on farm at this time of the year

Video: Being Brilliant at the Basics - Colostrum

Being Brilliant at the Basics is here. Interchem Ireland and That's Farming bring you episode one of our new web series. This week its colostrum.

Vets Corner: Lamb survival

Tommy is back and this week's talk is an important one who to ensure your lambs get the best start in life. A sick lamb is a big no no.

Video: World's smallest cow gives birth in Sligo

It’s not everyday the world’s smallest cow gives birth and you have video footage of it!

TF Podcast: Special Edition - Eric Hillerton

We are down under with Delaval and talking with Eric Hillerton chief scientist with Dairy NZ to talk about robotic milking.

Wild Fires sweep through country after dry spell

Wildfires have destroyed hundreds of acres across Ireland from Cork to Donegal.

Watch: TF Podcast - Special Edition!

We've got a very special edition of the TF Podcast as our own Shane Ganley sits down with Steve Sefton from DeLaval - All the way from Tasmania!

Watch: Vets Corner - Vaccinations, what are they all about?

Tommy is back this week to look at Vaccinations - What's it all about? Watch the video here:

Watch: My Grazing Week Down Under - Day 2! are currently in Tasmania for the DeLaval Grassland Robotics Convention following Andrew Walsh's journey down under

Watch: My Grazing Week Down Under - The Speech!

Day 1 of the DeLaval Grassland Robotics Convention has come to a close but the highlight has to be Andrew Walshs speech! See Andrews full presentation here - Doing Ireland proud in Tasmania!