Women in Ag: Lisa Meyler

“I never once dreamt that I would have the opportunity to combine both my love of agriculture and marketing together.” - 23-year-old Lisa Meyler of Green Acre Marketing.

FARMEX Profile: Maura Canning

"The consultants said that they couldn't understand why I didn't get a heart attack or stroke" - Maura Canning

Goat Update: Goatober and rearing goats for meat

“We don’t want to see the dairy goat farms of Ireland in a situation similar to Bobby Calves in New Zealand” - Ami Madden

Student Update: A guide to surviving college

“The main thing to remember with college is that it's all going to be worthwhile. Some days it feels like college is just one huge waste of time and money” - Emma McCormack, a final-year Ag student.

Women in Ag: Clodagh Ryan

Clodagh Ryan studied Animal Science at UCD and now works as an Animal Evaluations Analysts with ICBF. The Tipperary native is also a well-known Charolais breeder.

Women in Ag: Elisha Foley - Friel

Catherina meets Elisha Foley - Friel, Moocall’s International Key Account Manager. The North County Dublin native grew up on a tillage and vegetable enterprise.

Women in Ag: Maura Canning

Maura Canning, Co. Galway is the former IFA Farm Family and Social Affairs Chairperson. She juggles family life as a wife and mother of two with sheep & suckler farming.

Goat Update: Manual work, challenges and juggling several roles

Ami discusses life as a stay-at-home mother; a full-time farmer and a new business owner.

Corrib Oil Women in Farming Awards: Olivia Carroll

Olivia Carroll (23) is a third-generation farmer and mother of one. She is involved in the running of the family farm; works at Gurteen College and relief-milks during the summer.

Student Update: From skyscrapers to paddocks

Emma McCormack, a final-year Agriculture student is back with her next update to discuss her visits to farms in New York; Connecticut and New Jersey.

Student Update: Is the farm a place for a woman in Ireland?

Emma McCormack, a final-year Agriculture student discusses life as a woman in agriculture and the transfer of family farms.

Women in Ag: Meet Fiona-Jane Garrett

Essex native Fiona-Jane Garrett made the jump into social farming a number of years ago and has since made her mark in the Digital Art & Photography circles.