Sunday Feature: Camogie and Beef in Co. Kilkenny

On this week's Sunday Video feature, we went down to meet Kilkenny's Camogie All-Star, Edwina Keane.

Women in Ag: Emma McCormack

Catherina meets 21-year-old Emma McCormack who once considered Horticulture but is now studying Agriculture at WIT and completing a placement on a Scottish dairy farm.

Women in Ag: Leanne Workman

Leanne Workman, her husband and father-in-law run a herd of 200 suckler cows and a flock of 1,300 sheep in Co. Antrim. The team have picked up major titles on the show circuit.

10 myths that people think about women farmers!

Our farmer Catherina has decided to dispel some of those myths!

Women in Ag: Meet Dr. Jennifer McClure

Catherina speaks to Dr. Jennifer McClure, who reflects on a powerful four years working with ICBF as a Research Analyst and Cattle Health Guru.

Women in Ag: Meet Karen McCabe – A 29-year-old suckler farmer making waves in Co. Leitrim

Catherina speaks to Leitrim’s Karen McCabe, a lady with miles of mart and farming experience, who is currently running a suckler farm with her father.

Women in Ag: Meet the lady who gave up life in the U.S to help run a beef & dairy farm!

Cori’s holiday to Ireland resulted in the development of a new business and a further love for farming!

Women in Ag: Meet Jade Doherty- The townie turned farmer!

A move from the town to the countryside sparked Jade Doherty’s love for wellies, livestock and blogging!

Women in Ag: Meet Jordan Molloy- Grazing Advisor with Lely

Catherina meets Jordan Molloy, Ireland's only full-time grazing advisor with Lely at present.