2016 A Year in Wildlife

Tom Jordan takes a look back over Ireland's wildlife and whats happened in 2016.

Sunday Feature: Wildlife Extinctions Have Many Causes; Farming is Only One

"What farmers around the world need to do is show the agri-business vultures that we too are thinking, able-bodied beings."

Wildlife: It's 'mad hare' season

Do you know your hares from your rabbits?

Mistaken Identity? 8 Healthy Young Killarney Red Deer Shot

A grim discovery of the severed heads of six female and one juvenile red deer, has provoked anger among wildlife groups.

Wildlife: The Bat

One new 'neighbour' you might be meeting is the brown long-eared bat.

Wildlife: The Pygmy Shrew

The pygmy shrew came to the attention of That's Farming when a journalist's cat caught its first 'mouse' this week

Wildlife: The Red Squirrel

The red squirrel was the original Irish squirrel and where once they were very common, numbers went into serious decline as trees were cut down for human use.