10% at risk to Radon

A new radon map carried out by researchers from Trinity College Dublin found that up to 460,000 may be at risk to Radon.

TB or not Tb that is the question

I take a look into the creature known as the "curse of farmers", the badger, and whether it holds the sole blame for the spread of TB.

Wild Fires sweep through country after dry spell

Wildfires have destroyed hundreds of acres across Ireland from Cork to Donegal.

How to make your garden ‘wildlife-friendly’

Making a home for wildlife should be one of your priorities this month. So here are some simple steps you can take to attract the best of wildlife!

Sunday Feature: Hedge-cutting/burning proposals are about politics, not wildlife

Our wildlife is declining at a rapid rate but the Heritage Bill is not designed with wildlife in mind - It's Sunday Feature Time!

“We were conned.” New hen harrier scheme will not redress land valuation losses for affected farmers

Farmers were made promises that land designated under hen harrier protection zones would be compensated for any loss in the value of their land. That hasn't happened as Tom Jordan has found out.

2016 A Year in Wildlife

Tom Jordan takes a look back over Ireland's wildlife and whats happened in 2016.

Sunday Feature: Wildlife Extinctions Have Many Causes; Farming is Only One

"What farmers around the world need to do is show the agri-business vultures that we too are thinking, able-bodied beings."