Weird Sheep Breeds: The Blue texel

This week's weird sheep is an interesting one the Blue Texel!

Weird Sheep Breeds: Bluefaced Leicester-A breed dating back to the 1900’s!

We profile Bluefaced Leicester, a breed that was developed as a result of Robert’s Bakewell’s selective breeding policy!

Weird Sheep Breeds: The Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep

This week on Weird Sheep Breeds, We profile the sheep who looks like a relative of the badger, the Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep.

Weird Sheep Breeds: The Wensleydale - The goth of the sheep world

On this week’s weird sheep breeds, we profile the Wensleydale, the sheep known for its wild hair.

Weird Sheep Breeds: The Manx Loaghtan - The sheep with all the horns

This week on weird sheep breeds we look at the breed native to the Isle of Man, the Manx Loaghtan.