Weird Sheep - The Herdwick

On this week’s installment of ‘Weird Sheep Breeds’, we have a domestic breed, native to Cumbria’s Lake District. Read all about the breed below.

Weird Sheep Breeds - The Cotswold

One of the world’s rarest and most beautiful breeds, the Cotswold sheep are thought to have descended from Roman times. Read about the breed below.

Weird Sheep - The Dutch Spotted

Hailing from Holland, the Dutch Spotted sheep has origins dating back to before World War One. Continue reading below.

Weird Sheep - The Devon Longwoolled sheep

On this week’s ‘Weird Sheep Breeds’, we profile and English breed, known for their very long, highly-sought after wool, the Devon Longwoolled sheep. Keep reading below!

Weird Sheep Breeds: The Alpines Steinschaf

A breed of domestic sheep, hailing from Southern Germany and the Eastern Alps of Austria, The Alpines Steinschaf is this week’s featured breed. Learn all about them below.

Weird Sheep - The Greyface Dartmoor

Hailing from the Dartmoor area, the Greyface Dartmoor is among the rarest in the world. Read all about them below.

Weird Sheep: The Cladoir

One of Ireland’s original sheep breeds, now technically extinct, the Cladoir sheep breed is thought to go back to the middle ages. Read all about the breed below.

Weird Sheep Breeds: The Cameroon Sheep

It may seem surprising due to its unusual appearance, but this is an actual breed of sheep, raised primarily in Cameroon. Read more about the Cameroon Sheep below! (Picture ZooChat).