WATCH: Need a new mower? look no further!!

Look at this for innovation, exercise and the chores in the one go! Warning please do not try this at home.

The story of Blue Bell, Ireland's oldest cow.

We brought you the story last week of Ireland's oldest cow at 32, check out the video below and get the story first hand as we met Bluebell's loving owner.

Is it a Tiger? Is it a Rhino?Surely its not a cow!

We got this funny video sent into us from Ailish Powell on our snapchat, Have you ever heard the likes!

Thats Farming Best of the week

Check out some of the best videos and pictures we received in this week.

Friday Funnies "Puck off'

Saoirse Gill was out helping her uncle Oisin this week, she mightn't be too keen next week!

Video: Being Brilliant at the Basics - Colostrum

Being Brilliant at the Basics is here. Interchem Ireland and That's Farming bring you episode one of our new web series. This week its colostrum.

Best of the Week: Speedy cow getaway!

Every week we get some great funny pics and videos in but this one made it hit of the week!

Best of the Week: The biggest Rooster you ever saw!

Here at That's Farming we get sent great videos and pictures each week but this week's was really something special a whopping big Rooster!

Video: Enjoying the machinery at Purcell Agri open Day

We took a trip down to Kilkenny this week to take a look at all the kit on show at the Purcell Agri Open Day and boy was there some beauts there!

You've never seen a bunch of happier cows!

This video from Denmark shows just how happy cows can be! Don't believe us just give it a watch.

Video: We need this double tire system in our lives!

Take to the bog in a whole new way with this convertible and mobile double tire system

Video: Suckler subsidy scheme yes or no?

Caroline Keane reports on the proposed €200 a head suckler welfare scheme.

Video: Causing a stir with Major’s new Agitator range

Major have unveiled their new agitator range for 2017 and boy are we impressed. Just take a look!

Video: That’s Farming Live at FTMTA 2017

We did a special live broadcast from the FTMTA for 3 days. It’s a heck of a watch and you can relive it all here.

Lights, camera, Action: FTMTA & Thats Farming Live broadcast

This is big and we're doing it. A Live broadcast for the three days of FTMTA 2017.

Best of the week: Scottish Borat

Every week we get funny pics and videos sent in from all around the world. Here's our top pick for the week. It was a cracking hit.