Ireland's Vets: Meet Sarah Higgins- The Vet who delivered triplets this year!

Catherina meets Sarah Higgins of Charlestown Veterinary Clinic, the vet responsible for a miracle in Mayo.

Ireland's Vets: "There will always be work for vets no matter what happens” – Padraig Farrell

Catherina speaks to Padraig Farrell, a large animal vet with close to twenty years' experience that has recently opened his own practice.

Ireland's Vets: John Collins - A vet for over 16 years that competes in international cycling competitions!

Catherina meets Cork’s John Collins, a vet in a mixed practice that has attended to many exotic species during his time, including a giraffe with mastitis!

Tommy Does Denmark Part 2 - Getting to grips with life as a Danish vet!

Tommy is back with Part 2 of his Danish adventure and he is really starting to get his hands dirty.

Sunday Feature: On the road with XL vet Conor Geraghty.

This week, we were on the road with Galway man and XL vet, Conor Geraghty.

Dog Guide: A guide to chocolate poisoning

On this week’s dog guide, we delve into the dangers of chocolate for your pet.

Ireland's Vets: An Equine specialist that comes from a family of vets!

At the age of 16, Valerie Dromey realised that she wanted to become a vet and is now living the dream providing specialist equine care.

Horse Guide: A Guide to Sycamore seed Poisoning.

After this year saw the first ever case of sycamore seed poisoning recorded, we give you a guide on signs, treatments and preventatives.

Ireland's Vets: Meet Rodney Gale of Westland Equine Veterinary Services

Catherina meets Rodney Gale, a vet that has recently opened a new equine practice in the West of Ireland.

Ireland’s Vets: Meet Ollie Keane of Cloghan Veterinary Clinic

Catherina speaks to Ollie Keane, the vet who performed a miracle on a lamb with a rare ectopic heart condition.

Ireland’s Vets: Orla O’Connor of Glenamaddy Veterinary Clinic

Catherina speaks to Orla O’Connor, one of four vets from Glenamaddy Veterinary Clinic.

Ireland’s Vets: Meet Martha Naughton of Grange Veterinary Practice

In this week’s Ireland’s Vets, Catherina meets a recent Veterinary Medicine graduate Martha Naughton.