Genetically modified cattle may be solution to curbing emissions

Reprogrammed cows might provide a solution to methane problems.

US wildfires causing deaths and devastation

It’s not just Ireland that has been grappling with wildfires. Read more here.

Trump to destroy US agriculture budget with huge spending cuts

Donald Trump is about to create havoc for America's farmers with a huge 21% cut in agriculture spending.

Bird Flu outbreak in US: New strain emerges

A different strain of bird flu has hit the US state of Tennessee.

US scientists have developed perennial wheat

US scientists and researchers at Washington State University are currently working on developing a perennial wheat. A long sought after goal.

US farmers resist Trump's promise to deport undocumented workers

US Farmers are banding together to fight President Trump's promise to deport undocumented workers many of whom form the backbone of American agriculture.

Pig superbug found and it’s resistant to all forms of antibiotic

The dangerous bacteria carbapenem-resistant enterobactericeae (CRE) has been found on a pig farm in the US

Crop Mobbing; the new form of community spirit in farming

It's taken the US by storm we examine the new phenomenon of crop mobbing.

Weekly news round up

We bring you the top farming stories from around the world.

Chicken workers in US wearing nappies to work

A shocking report from the US has exposed the deplorable conditions chicken workers face.

Live from the American Campaign trail with That's Farming

As the most talked about US election looms just hours away, take a look at the next installment of our video series:

Live from the American Campaign trail with Thats Farming

That's Farming correspondent Peter Geoghegan brings us another update live from the American campaign trail just days ahead of the nations Presidential vote.