Weird Cow Breeds: The American Brahman - The cow with the big long ears.

On this week’s weird cow breeds we look at perhaps the most durable of them all, the American Brahman.

We want it all!

China to receive first shipment of US beef for 14 years and its main online retailers are currently trying hard to fill the demand for US beef.

US say nuh-uh to Brazilian beef

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) have issued a ban on all fresh Brazilian beef imports.

Creed explores AG Tech opportunities in US

Minister Creed took in visits to 5 states in a boost to solidify potential markets for Irish produce.

Creed Meets Key Figures in new US Administration

On First Day of Trade Mission fronted by Creed, Sheep meat access and developing Trade links dominate proceedings

Kerrygold to continue to fight ban from US

Ornua chief, Kevin Lane, has announced that Kerrygold will continue its fight against butter product ban in the US.

Trump Agriculture Chief - The inside track!

The late appointment of Perdue could mean that Trump is putting farming to the back of his priorities:

John Bruton Predicts end of TTIP

The Ex Taoiseach has predicted the death of TTIP.

Updated: Trump Wins. Full report from our US correspondent.

Full report from our US correspondent on the Trump victory.

TTIP: What Ramifications Will it Have for Irish Farming?

Can European farmers compete with cheap processed food from the US, even if the quality of that food is not the same?