Man Attacked by cattle in the UK

A man, Brian Bellhouse, was attacked and killed by agitated cattle at the beginning of the week.

Police ‘spread’ farmer

After a farmer tried to control illegal ravers himself, his methods caused immediate action from police.

Joe Healy to meet EU Brexit negotiator

The new IFA president will today meet with Michael Barnier, The Eu's chief negotiator, to discuss Brexit and it's implications.

EU commission begin adopting negotiation guidelines for Brexit.

With all the recent talk and debates over Brexit, EU member states have released a negotiation directive to help prepare for the UK's exit.

UK badger cull targets set too low say experts

The UK have lowered their cull targets for badgers but its leading to some experts saying that it will risk increasing TB in cattle rather than reducing it.

Where to now for Brexit North? Reunification would mean return to EU says Davis

Article 50 means the North will exit the EU but Brexit secretary David Davis has said reunification would mean an automatic return to the EU for Northern farmers.

Article 50: What's the worst case scenario for Irish farmers?

With Article 50 being triggered today, what will it mean for Irish farmers?

Farmers Diary: Cities need us more than ever

This week’s farmers diary comes from London not the farming capital of the world but a place where a lot of farm produces ends up.

TF Podcast: Peter Geoghegan on Scottish independence, Brexit and the Sinn Fein landslide

Peter Geoghegan joins us to talk Brexit, the Article 50 triggering and that Sinn Fein landslide in Northern Ireland.

Innocent Farmer on trial for shooting robber in foot as he defended his home

A farmer is on trail after being accused of shooting a man he suspected was trying to rob his diesel in the foot.

Land sales across UK in doubt over subsidy concerns

Farmland sales in the UK are suffering as a result of Brexit and doubt over subsidies.