TF Podcast: Peter Geoghegan on Scottish independence, Brexit and the Sinn Fein landslide

Peter Geoghegan joins us to talk Brexit, the Article 50 triggering and that Sinn Fein landslide in Northern Ireland.

Innocent Farmer on trial for shooting robber in foot as he defended his home

A farmer is on trail after being accused of shooting a man he suspected was trying to rob his diesel in the foot.

Land sales across UK in doubt over subsidy concerns

Farmland sales in the UK are suffering as a result of Brexit and doubt over subsidies.

23,000 chickens put down in suspected bird flu case in UK

The first major cull of domestic birds in the British Isles has occurred.

UK's Post-Brexit Farming will rely on 'Best of British' reputation

CEJA President Alan Jagoe speaks to That’s Farming from the Oxford Farming Conference:

Funny Friday: The cock that can’t get up in the morning

This week’s funny Friday is an unusual story from the UK.