Student Focus: Stephen Coen

Catherina meets 22-year-old Mayo native, Stephen Coen - a successful sheep and suckler farmer; student and GAA star who is no stranger to lifting prestigious trophies.

Ireland's Vets: Shona Maguire

Dublin native Shona Maguire may not carry an ounce of farming blood but brings eight years’ experience to the Veterinary sector - she recently established her own bull & ram fertility testing business.

Student Focus: Cormac O’Donnell

Catherina meets Longford’s Cormac O’Donnell, an Animal Science student at UCD. The 21-year-old's interest was sparked in the sector when he began farming with his uncle.

Women in Ag: Sinéad Edwards

Catherina meets 19-year-old Cavan native, Sinéad Edwards, who juggles life as a suckler farmer with third-level studies at UCD.

Student Focus: Dáire Brady

Catherina meets 19-year-old Dáire Brady, a first-year Dairy Business student at UCD who is casting a strong eye on Agri-law; Auctioneering; or Agri-journalism.

Ireland’s Vets: Aibhlin Finn

Aibhlin Finn didn’t take the usual steps into Veterinary Medicine - she studied Animal Science at UCD & a Masters in Wildlife Conservation before she made the major jump.

Women in Ag: Anne Kelleher

Catherina speaks to Anne Kelleher, a Teagasc Walshfellow who has a keen interest in Parasitology. Anne is a fifth-generation dairy sheep farmer in the Rebel County.

Student Focus: Andy Corbett

Catherina meets Andy Corbett, a third-year UCD Vet Med student who runs an intensive beef farm with his father. The Corbetts finish 120 U and R grade Continental heifers under 30 months in Co. Westmeath.

Student Focus: Karol Devaney

Catherina meets UCD Agricultural Science student, Karol Devaney who relishes the idea of building businesses; shearing sheep and farming.

Student Focus: Aoife Flannery

Catherina meets UCD Ag. Science student, Aoife Flannery. Aoife hails from a dairy, beef and cattle-dealing background.

Student Focus: Rian Kennedy

Catherina meets Rian Kennedy a 20-year-old UCD student who is reaping the rewards of breeding Stabiliser cattle in Sligo and has plans to run a carbon neutral farm.

Student Focus: Peter Fagan

Catherina meets Peter Fagan, an ambitious second-year Vet Medicine student at UCD, who is also running an intensive dairy and beef operation in Westmeath.

Women in Ag: Elma Forde

Elma Forde may be just 21-years-old, but she is already running a farm with her two brothers and is in the final year of an Agricultural Science degree at UCD.

Farmer Focus: Matthew Kehoe

Matthew Kehoe is breeding Jacob sheep since he was 9-years-old and it all started with one very special purchase. He is also a full-time Agricultural Science student.

Ireland's Vets: Meet Justin Ward – A man that comes from a family of vets but dreamed of becoming a solicitor!

Justin wanted to be a solicitor but a spot of calf-rearing at the age of 16 changed his future.