Opinion: Brazilian meats scandal should benefit Irish farmers, but will it?

Tom Jordan shares his thoughts on the Brazilian meat scandal and how it might just help Irish farmers if we act quickly.

Scotland to seek another independence vote

Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish First Minister has confirmed today that Scotland will seek a second vote on leaving the UK.

Analysis: Foodwise 2025 confined to the scrapheap; Department recommends Post-Brexit Strategies in new report

Tom Jordan provides some key analysis into the FoodWise 2025 report and the recommendations from the Dail committee on Agriculture.

News Down Under: Cutbacks affecting Aussie farmers biosecurity

Kallee is back with the popular news down under and this week biosecurity cutback are putting Australian farmers at risk.

Minister announces Major trade visit to Gulf states

A 30 strong Irish agri business delegation are to set sail to Gulf states tomorrow as part of week long trade mission to promote Irish food and busines

Heard of SIMA? France’s leading machinery and tech show

SIMA one of the worlds leading agri machinery and tech exhibitions is taking place in France this weekend and we take a look at what’s coming up.