Climate change poses opportunity for Irelands Dairy farmers

Climate change poses not a threat but an opportunity for Ireland's dairy sector. Something different this morning.

Too little? Minister says Teagasc will offer 1000 Green Cert courses this year.

A case of too little too late? As the Minister said in the Dail this week that an additional 1000 Green Cert Courses would be offered by Teagasc.

Editorial: Young Farmers being forgotten all over again

That’s Farming Editor talks about the recent problems facing young farmers.

Thats Farming Christmas Good List

We take a look through 2016 and bow to those that made a difference to Irish farming in the Thats Farming Good list 2016.

Opinion: Schemes must be flexible to allow young farmers to complete Green Certs

Tom Jordan takes a look at the Teagasc Green Cert backlog and lets us know his thoughts.

Dairy Update: The year ahead

In the first in our news series; Dairy Update we take a look at the year ahead for dairy farmers.

Like Beef? Like Beer? There’s a show on telly for you tonight

D’Telly has a great program on beef and beer tonight and its caught us by the taste buds.

Feature: Thats Farming Podcast; butchers, Teagasc and nitrogen overuse

It's Saturday so that means it's podcast time, we've a great show lined up so sit back and relax.

Weed killer in breast milk: The dangers of spraying off our crops and the potential health time bomb

That’s Farming investigates the common practice of spraying off tillage crops with herbicide and what the long term implications could be.

Editorial: Teagasc, the future and where will it all end up?

That's Farming Editor, John Connell discusses the Teagasc 2017 outlook report and what it really means for Irish farmers.

The Tillage Crisis of 2016 and How Next Year will be Affected

2016 has been a cruel year for tillage farmers; what can we hope for next year?

Teagasc outlook predicts beef, pig & sheep sector to take hit in 2017

The report makes for tough reading. The Teagasc outlook report published today concluded that the Beef, sheep & pig sector will take a hit in 2017.

Important Reminder: Get your Advisor sorted or miss the GLAS Deadline!

We speak to Catherine Keena, Teagasc Countryside Management Specialist, about what stage GLAS applicants should be at: