Talking Trade: Farmer customers are becoming a rare sight

Grass shortages; drought/weather conditions and elements of frustration and uncertainty surrounding beef factory quotes took their toll.

Talking Trade: Reduction in numbers helps to steady trade

Quality continental cattle held a steady trade while plainer and lighter stock remained difficult to sell. Weather; the scramble for fodder and a drop in factory quotes took their toll on trade.

Talking Trade: Lack of grass growth affects trade

Plainer and lighter lots and stores were slightly easier, while quality cattle held a firm trade. Exporters and feedlot buyers made their presence felt at the ringside.

Talking Trade: Weanling exporters return to the ring

It was noted that there is a limited number of heavy and factory fit bullocks and heifers on offer in marts, despite the recent drop in factory quotes.

Purchasers for Turkish Market drive the trade

Talking Trade –Large sales; quality lots in demand; cull cows exceed €2/kg & suckler pairings & stockbulls hit over €2,000 – Read more!talking

Talking Trade: Cattle numbers soar at Marts

Health & Safety lockdown procedures; buyers for Turkish markets compete for stock & quality lots in hot demand as some of the largest sales to date were recorded this week.