Sunday Feature: Hedge-cutting/burning proposals are about politics, not wildlife

Our wildlife is declining at a rapid rate but the Heritage Bill is not designed with wildlife in mind - It's Sunday Feature Time!

Management of uplands needs to work for both farmers and conservation‚Ä®

The hen harrier designation issue from the perspective of the hen harriers themselves - It's Sunday Feature time!

The Humanitarian impact of World Trade on Farmers

Farmers in Ireland and across Europe are operating high-cost systems but when the food comes to market it is under-priced. How is this so?

Sunday Feature: Does Ireland have a real Climate change strategy?

Ireland has the ability to be a climate change leader but are we doing enough? Tom Jordan takes a look in this week's Sunday Feature.

Sunday Feature: Agroforestry may well be the future of Agriculture

Forestry and farming working together may well be a new and future way to farm for tomorrow.

Sunday Feature: Assessing the cost/benefits of short-rotation biofuels

Following Bord na Mónas call out to farmers to grow willow for biofuels , Tom Jordan takes a look at the cost/benefits of short-rotation biofuels

Sunday Feature: Land reclamation, where conservation and productivity aims collide

Tom Jordan looks at the current debate around land reclamation and see's how nature is suffering as a result.

Feature: An Unlikely Coalition Exposes CETA's Flaws

The idea of opening trade is a good one, this deal looks rotten - Tom Jordan takes a look at CETA

Glyphosate: Precaution versus Risk- The last word

Tom Jordan has his final say on the fractious issue of glyphosate which has caused much debate with That's Farming readers.

Sunday Feature: Wind Power can provide much of our energy, but only if developers play fair

Wind power can and is a great clean energy source for Ireland but only if its implemented properly.

Sunday Feature: What does the future hold for farmers in 2017?

Tom Jordan takes a look back over a tough year globally and in his first sunday Feature of 2017 asks where to next?

Sunday Feature: Irish Oceans Contain Rich Treasures, but are they Properly Valued?

Tom Jordan takes a look at the Irish fishing Industry in the wake of the hard hitting documentary the Atlantic.

Sunday Feature: Life without Farm chemicals

Tom Jordan takes a look at farming today and if we can live without farm chemicals in the future.

Sunday Feature: The Mounting Cost of Farm Chemicals to Public Health

Traces of farm chemicals make their way into our food and drinking water - What is the cost of Farm Chemicals to our Health? Tom Jordan takes a look!

Sunday Feature: What Threats do Birds of Prey Pose to Farming?

An imbalance occurs when poison is used too often in deterring birds of prey:

Sunday Feature: Sustainable Agriculture is the Only Future

We are permanently changing the make-up of our planet - Climate Change is taking effect much sooner than expected! It's our Sunday Feature!

Sunday Feature: Soil and Water: The Origins of Life

This is heavy land and not so easy to manage, but when the drains are working and the grass is set, it's rich and productive.

Sustainable Slurry Management Plan Needed

The technology exists to manage slurry safely and efficiently, maximising its nutrient worth while using it as a raw material for generating heat and power.

Sunday Feature: Saving pollinators is easy, living without them would be much harder

The status of our pollinator species should be of deep concern to farmers and rural dwellers, as without them we would be unable to produce much of our food.

A Short Survey of Irish Forestry

In this weeks Sunday feature. Tom Jordan takes a look into the Forestry sector.