Sunday Feature: Nitrogen is costing us all dearly

Tom Jordan takes a deep look at the role Nitrogen plays on our farms - It's Sunday feature time!

Sunday Feature: UN Human Rights Report - Agrochemicals undermining food security

Sunday Feature: UN Human Rights Report says agrochemicals are undermining food security. We must learn to farm without them, and soon.

Sunday Feature: To survive, Ireland's farmers must reject corporate takeover

Food Security in the hands of Agri-Giants is a bad joke - To survive, Ireland's farmers must reject corporate takeover

Sunday Feature: Country Life and the dawn of spring

Spring has come and Tom Jordan shares his thoughts on the wonderful season for this week's Sunday Feature.

Sunday Feature: Hedge-cutting/burning proposals are about politics, not wildlife

Our wildlife is declining at a rapid rate but the Heritage Bill is not designed with wildlife in mind - It's Sunday Feature Time!

Management of uplands needs to work for both farmers and conservation‚Ä®

The hen harrier designation issue from the perspective of the hen harriers themselves - It's Sunday Feature time!

The Humanitarian impact of World Trade on Farmers

Farmers in Ireland and across Europe are operating high-cost systems but when the food comes to market it is under-priced. How is this so?

Sunday Feature: Does Ireland have a real Climate change strategy?

Ireland has the ability to be a climate change leader but are we doing enough? Tom Jordan takes a look in this week's Sunday Feature.

Sunday Feature: Agroforestry may well be the future of Agriculture

Forestry and farming working together may well be a new and future way to farm for tomorrow.

Sunday Feature: Assessing the cost/benefits of short-rotation biofuels

Following Bord na Mónas call out to farmers to grow willow for biofuels , Tom Jordan takes a look at the cost/benefits of short-rotation biofuels

Sunday Feature: Land reclamation, where conservation and productivity aims collide

Tom Jordan looks at the current debate around land reclamation and see's how nature is suffering as a result.

Feature: An Unlikely Coalition Exposes CETA's Flaws

The idea of opening trade is a good one, this deal looks rotten - Tom Jordan takes a look at CETA

Glyphosate: Precaution versus Risk- The last word

Tom Jordan has his final say on the fractious issue of glyphosate which has caused much debate with That's Farming readers.

Sunday Feature: Wind Power can provide much of our energy, but only if developers play fair

Wind power can and is a great clean energy source for Ireland but only if its implemented properly.

Sunday Feature: What does the future hold for farmers in 2017?

Tom Jordan takes a look back over a tough year globally and in his first sunday Feature of 2017 asks where to next?

Sunday Feature: Irish Oceans Contain Rich Treasures, but are they Properly Valued?

Tom Jordan takes a look at the Irish fishing Industry in the wake of the hard hitting documentary the Atlantic.

Sunday Feature: Life without Farm chemicals

Tom Jordan takes a look at farming today and if we can live without farm chemicals in the future.

Sunday Feature: The Mounting Cost of Farm Chemicals to Public Health

Traces of farm chemicals make their way into our food and drinking water - What is the cost of Farm Chemicals to our Health? Tom Jordan takes a look!

Sunday Feature: What Threats do Birds of Prey Pose to Farming?

An imbalance occurs when poison is used too often in deterring birds of prey:

Sunday Feature: Sustainable Agriculture is the Only Future

We are permanently changing the make-up of our planet - Climate Change is taking effect much sooner than expected! It's our Sunday Feature!