Beef Update: Preparing weanlings for sale, silage and mulching rushes

Michael took a second-cut of silage; Jamie’s farming plans were altered due to a broken hand and Libby mulched rushes.

Beef Update: Breeding, castrating bull calves & spreading fertiliser

Libby commenced creep-feeding calves; Rian identified the farm’s soil types; Michael spread fertiliser; Jamie completed a BTAP herd health plan and Joe began planning the second cut.

Farmer Focus: Breeding Stabilisers in Tipperary

Sean Hayden runs one of Ireland’s only herds of Stabiliser cattle. One of the most recent batches of commercial bulls were slaughtered at 13.6 months and achieved a cold carcass weight of 365kg.

Farmer's Diary: Selecting pedigree bulls for breeding

Catherina highlights the importance of a selective breeding policy and how every deal you strike for a bull can shape the future of your herd.

**NEW** Beef Update: Battling the Elements & Getting Stock Outdoors

This week, Jamie Hayes spread urea & slurry, while a low fodder supply resulted in Joe Desmond’s attempt to empty the shed, but adverse weather sparked alternative plans.

All Things Haulage: James Conway

James Conway got into haulage to continue his father’s legacy and to do him proud. Not only does James work in haulage and help out on the family farm, but he also does great work for a local charity as well as running his own business.

Student Focus: Sean O'Sullivan

Catherina meets Sean O'Sullivan, a Limerick native who is studying Land Management at WIT and is working his ways towards becoming a lecturer.

Farmer Focus: Padraic McKenna

Catherina meets Padraic McKenna, a suckler farmer in Co. Monaghan, who is on a mission to increase quantity & improve quality.

Student Focus: Jamie Hayes

Catherina meets Jamie Hayes, a 21-year-old CIT student who is a suckler farmer; a multi-prize winning ploughman & an avid lover of GAA.