Stuart Says: Has there ever been so much pressure on farmers from campaign groups?

Stuart is back and this week he is discussing how research can strength our campaigning voices, with a particular focus on the response from the farming community on veganism.

Stuart Says: 'We are choosing to sweep many Irish communities under a carpet of conifers'

Stuart is back with his regular opinion piece, this time he is discussing forestry plantations and weighing up some available options.

Opinion: Will Nitrogen fertilizer be taxed? It might just happen

Stuart shares his thoughts on a measure that might just change farming forever in Ireland.

Opinion: Glyphosate is going to haunt us all for years to come

Stuart shares his thoughts on the glyphosate debate and just why its one of the biggest issues facing Irish farmers good and bad.

Sunday Feature: Can we learn from the French labelling of Charolais Beef?

Stuart takes a look at how the French market Charolais beef and wonders can Ireland learn something from this.

Opinion: Trade Agreements, but what about the beef?

Stuart is back and this time he is discussing the much publicised trade agreements.

Opinion: Its time to ditch the rhetoric and talk about the environment and farming for real

Stuart shares his thoughts on the environmental problems facing farming and just what can really be done.

Sunday Feature: Could Mercusor actually make us change our beef game for the better?

Stuart shares his thoughts on why Mercusor might actually force Irish beef farmers to adopt new methods. Its an interesting read for this week's Sunday Feature.