Contractor of the Week: Kevin O’Kane

On this week’s series, Kevin speaks to Derry native and 29-year-old Kevin O’Kane, who works for Braetop Contracts.

Contractor of the Week: Meet 27-year-old Galway man Barry Cunningham, who has been in the game only six years.

On this week’s Contractor of the week series, Kevin speaks to Barry Cunningham, of Cunningham Agri in Tuam.

Contractor of the Week: Introducing Fermanagh man James Mohan, who has been contracting for over twenty years.

This week Kevin speaks to Fermanagh native, 37-year-old James Mohan, of Mohan Farm Services.

Contractor of the Week: Meet 22-year old Christopher, who works for P. Morris Agri Contractors.

On this week’s series, Kevin speaks to Christopher Morris of P. Morris Agri Contractors, in operation for nearly 20 years.

Getting Winter Ready: managing silage quality and quantity

This week's Getting Winter Ready is an important one and it's never too late to assess your silage quality.

10 ways you can tell Summer is over

On this week’s 10 ways you can tell we look at different ways you can tell that summer is over.

42 Grass Gals step up to the challenge!

The all-female silage cutting crew were out in force at the weekend.

Wrapped up and ready to go!

This bride and groom decided to go all things farming for their recent wedding day.

10 ways you can tell its Irish summer on the farm

On this weeks "10 ways you can tell" we give 10 ways to tell its Irish Summer on the Farm!

Fuel price drop, really?

According to a new survey carried out by AA Ireland, Fuel prices across the country have been steadily decreasing.

Leitrim Takes centre stage, with new out there Competition

Leitrim county have another unusual competition underway, the Leitrim Scarecrow Competition.

What Agri-contracting driver best suits you?

Always wanted to be an Agri-contractor?Driving the big machines making silage? Try this fun quiz and see which suits you 'hay'.

Weekend Weather Report: Mixed Weekend ahead

Mixed weather ahead for the weekend, with some rain in places.