Sheep Guide: Good results from lambing, dosing and more!

This week, Ciarán is approaching the end of lambing, while all three are looking to prevent future illness. Read about what happened on their farms this week below!

Sheep Guide: Urea spread and mastitis this week!

This week, Matthew battles with mastitis, while he also looks to get as much urea out as possible. Read more below!

Sheep Guide: Treating for maggots, clipping, foot baths and more!

Matthew looks to prevent any future health problems as he looks to turn his sheep onto grass, with feet clipped and sheep bathed. Read all about their past week below!

Sheep Guide: Sales, dosing, lambings and more!

How did our three farmers this week? Lambings, feeding in preparation for lambing and culling ewes. Read how Ciaran, Philip and Matthew got on below!

Sheep Guide: What's happening on sheep farms this week?

`This week, we have further updates from the farms of Matthew Kehoe and Phillip Crowe. Read all about their week on the farm below!

Sheep Guide: Updates from around the country

Sheep guide is back and revamped, with updates from farmers from across the country. You are not going to want to miss these ones!

Sheep Guide: Foot-Rot and Scald

In the next of our Sheep Guide, we look at foot-rot and scald, two big causes of lameness:

Sheep Guide: Watery Mouth

Our next Sheep Guide looks at Watery mouth, a contagious disease that affects newborn lambs. It's usually fatal:

Sheep Guide Part 5: Handling Sheep

In the fifth installment of our sheep guide, we give you some tips on reducing stress for you and your flock:

Sheep Guide: Abortions and how to prevent them

This week the focus remains on lambing and potential difficulties. This week its abortions and how to prevent them!

Sheep Guide: Nematodirosis the deadly disease for your lambs

This week's sheep guide is all about nematodirosis that potentially deadly virus that can hit your lambs.

Sheep Guide: Health issues at & after lambing

Lambing is a tough time for both you and especially the ewe. Here is a guide for health issues after lambing.

Sheep Guide: Combating losses at lambing time

This week's sheep guide takes a look at tackling losses at lambing.

Sheep Guide: Lambing Part 2 - The Birth

This weeks sheep guide, is suitably about lambing and how to minimise problems while birthing.

Sheep Guide: Lambing Part 1. Getting ready

In the next installment of our sheep guide series we take a look at lambing.

Sheep Guide: Tackling abortions this season

With many ewe’s now tupped and scanned we take a look at ewe health most namely abortions.

Sheep guide: Handling

A simple one this week but as we come into lambing its always good to brush up on old skills.

Sheep Guide: Liver Fluke

A guide to liver fluke prevention, treatment and signs of infection in sheep.