Farmer Focus: Christopher Kerr

Three generations of the Kerr family are involved in the operation of a 300-ewe flock in Co. Monaghan. The trio breed high-end sheep & bring some of the progeny through to slaughter, by feeding typhon.

Student Focus: Karol Devaney

Catherina meets UCD Agricultural Science student, Karol Devaney who relishes the idea of building businesses; shearing sheep and farming.

Personality Quiz: What sheep breed are you?

Find out what sheep breed best suits your personality with this Fun quiz!

Farmer Focus: Meet the man behind the Powerful Blue Texel Flock

Catherina meets Philip Crowe of the Powerful Blue Texel flock, sourcing quality genetics from Holland.

Weird Sheep Breeds: The Wensleydale - The goth of the sheep world

On this week’s weird sheep breeds, we profile the Wensleydale, the sheep known for its wild hair.

Weird Sheep Breeds: The Manx Loaghtan - The sheep with all the horns

This week on weird sheep breeds we look at the breed native to the Isle of Man, the Manx Loaghtan.

Sheep Guide: Drenching

On this week’s sheep guide, we offer some tips and tricks into drenching your flock.

Women In AG: Kate Elizabeth Hill

This weeks article features, Kate Elizabeth Hill, a 27 years old sheep farmer from the city, who only joined the industry 5 years ago.

Women in Ag: Grace O'Sullivan

On this week’s women in Ag we meet Grace O’Sullivan, a 20-year-old ag science student from Kerry.

Improving Technical Efficiency on Sheep Farms

Teagasc are to hold a technical sheep open day on June 21st in Athenry.

Sheep Guide: A guide to the summer months

On this week’s sheep guide we give you a checklist for sheep farming during the summer months.

Shear Madness: 800 ewes in 24 hours

An event has been organised for June 17th which will see four farmers try and break a world record.