Weird Sheep Breeds - The Romanov

Next up on ‘Weird Sheep’ is a domestic breed hailing from the Upper Volga region of Russia and capable of having up to six lambs per litter, the Romanov. Read all about the breed below.

Sheep Guide - CIDR's, St. Croix teaser rams, sourcing haylage and much more.

Matthew discusses the adventures of his US trip, telling us all about the sheep farm at the Purdue Animal Sciences Research Farm. Matthew also updates us on the farm back in Ireland. Read about his escapades this week below.

Weird Sheep - Faeroes sheep

On this week’s ‘Weird Sheep’, we profile a breed native to the Faroe Islands and one which dates back to the 9th century, the Faeroes sheep. Read all about the breed below.

Young Farmer - Colin McLoughlin

On our ‘Young Farmer’ series, Kevin talks to a Roscommon native who is an A.I Technician and sheep, beef and suckler farmer, Mr. Colin McLoughlin. Read his story in full below.

Sheep Guide - Topping sales, sponging, tipping prep and more.

Philip's ram tops the sale at the Big Boy Ram Sale, while Philip also discusses the benefits of breeding blues and his method of sponging them, which he will carry out over the coming week. Read more below.