Sheep Opinion: Escape Artist Lambs and Mineral Dosing Sheep

It's been a stressful week on Eamon Healys sheep farm! Check out what's being happening right here!

Sheep Opinion: Have you heard of C Ovis in Sheep?

One issue on Irish sheep farms that is costing the sheep industry a significant amount of money is on the rise. This is known as 'Cysticercus Ovis'

Factories turning away Spring lambs as Easter market starts

This comes at a time when there are high costs involved in Easter lamb

Sheep Guide – Easter lamb to hit the market this week

The trade for Easter lamb will kick off in earnest this week but will €6.20/Kg cut it for farmers? Plus, Grassland Management tips for April!

Sheep Opinion: Grassland Management is Essential for Farm Profitability

With farm incomes under constant pressure, there has never been a time more important for trying to maximise output and efficiency on our farms

Vets Corner: Lamb survival

Tommy is back and this week's talk is an important one who to ensure your lambs get the best start in life. A sick lamb is a big no no.

Sheep Guide: Nematodirosis the deadly disease for your lambs

This week's sheep guide is all about nematodirosis that potentially deadly virus that can hit your lambs.

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Texel sheep expert?

It's Tuesday so that means one thing! Quiz time. Are you a Texel sheep expert?

Pet lambs: Economically viable or over-rated hobby?

While lambing well underway at this stage, Eamon Healy poses the question, what is to be done with the excess lambs on the farm?

Sheep Guide: Combating losses at lambing time

This week's sheep guide takes a look at combating losses at lambing time a tricky task for anyone!