Sheep Guide: What's happening on sheep farms this week?

`This week, we have further updates from the farms of Matthew Kehoe and Phillip Crowe. Read all about their week on the farm below!

Sheep Guide: Updates from around the country

Sheep guide is back and revamped, with updates from farmers from across the country. You are not going to want to miss these ones!

Weird Sheep Breeds: The Castlemilk Moorit

Did you know that the Castlemilk Moorit sheep are one of the world’s rarest breeds? Read about them below!

Sheep Guide: Foot-Rot and Scald

In the next of our Sheep Guide, we look at foot-rot and scald, two big causes of lameness:

Young Farmer: Joseph Hughes

This week, Kevin spoke to dairy AND sheep farmer, Joe Hughes, from near Carnew in Co. Wicklow. Joe not only milks cows on the daily, but also keeps sheep and is a long-standing Macra member.

Sheep Guide: Watery Mouth

Our next Sheep Guide looks at Watery mouth, a contagious disease that affects newborn lambs. It's usually fatal:

Weird sheep Breeds: The Awassi

The sheep that has dominated the Arab nations, The Awassi is the most common sheep breed in the Middle East.

Sheep Guide: Minimize Mastitis Risk at Lambing

Ensure you do your best at lambing to minimise the risk of mastitis

Weird Sheep Breeds: Kerry Hill sheep,

This week, we profile the Welsh Kerry Hill sheep in all their glory.

Sheep Guide Part 5: Handling Sheep

In the fifth installment of our sheep guide, we give you some tips on reducing stress for you and your flock:

Weird sheep Breeds: The Zwartbles, which are known for having triplets and their excellent growth rate.

This week we are looking at the sheep native to the Netherlands, the Zwartbles.