Raphoe cattle Mart Report July 13th

Another good sale at Raphoe on Thursday, with Fat cows making up to tops of €1,615 per head.

Raphoe Mart market report July 10th

A super trade at Raphoe Mart’s sheep sale on Monday 10th July, as Dry ewes make up to €117 each.

Raphoe Mart July 6th

A super trade for all types of cattle at Raphoe Mart on Thursday 6th July.

Raphoe Sheep auction July 3rd

A larger entry in Raphoe this week, with some ewes with lambs at foot making up to €244.

Raphoe Mart June 29th

Another good sale in Raphoe mart on Thursday. A good trade for all cattle on Thursday 29th June

Raphoe Cattle Mart Report June 22nd

In Raphoe mart on Thursday gone, bulls made up to tops of €3.10 p/kg.

Raphoe Sheep sale June 19th

Another good entry of sheep in Raphoe on Monday, with heavy spring lambs making up to €134.

Raphoe Cattle sale June 15th

There was a great trade had in Raphoe for the time of year, with heifers making up to tops of €3.12 p/kg.

Raphoe Sheep Sale Mart Report June 12th

Spring lambs make up to E130 in Raphoe on Saturday the 12th of June.

Raphoe Mart Report June 8th

A bigger entry of cattle on offer this week, with Bullock averages reaching tops of €3.20 p/kg.

Raphoe Sheep sale June 5th

Another great entry of sheep on Monday in Raphoe, with good clearance on all types.

Cattle sale prices Raphoe June 1st

There was a smaller number of lots on offer this week, though still reasonable for the time of year. Heifers made up to €3.20 p/kg.

Raphoe sheep sale May 29th

Another good entry of sheep in Raphoe this week with tops of €139 received for spring lambs.

Raphoe Cattle sale Thursday 25th May

There was another good entry of cattle in Raphoe today, with tops pf €2.70 p/kg for bullocks.

Good entry of sheep at this week’s sale in Raphoe

Mondays sale saw good trade yet again with lamb prices reaching as high as €140.

Smaller entry in Raphoe this week!

A smaller entry was had at this weeks Cattle sale in Raphoe.