Poll: Regional Vet lab closures - Have your say

Multi farm group protests took place yesterday in Sligo over the proposed closure's of regional vet labs. Now its time to have your say.

Too little? Minister says Teagasc will offer 1000 Green Cert courses this year.

A case of too little too late? As the Minister said in the Dail this week that an additional 1000 Green Cert Courses would be offered by Teagasc.

Poll: Do you think there should be a suckler subsidy payment?

Minister Creed has ruled out the IFA's €200 a head plan to help Ireland's suckler farmers. What do you think?

Results: 65% believe fox hunting is part of Irish culture

The results are in from our hugely popular fox hunting poll.

Poll Results: 100% think that hormone-raised beef should not be allowed to be sold in the EU.

We asked how you felt about using growth hormones in cattle; here's what you had to say:

Poll: Fake Food and Food mislabelling.

Do you think Irish consumers are having the wool pulled over their eyes when it comes to food labelling? Are we being lied to by Supermarkets? Take our poll and let us know.