Future Farming: The Pig/Human Hybrid

Meet the pig human hyrbid. Future farming just got weird.

Young Farmers: Meet Shane Maher, a man with no farm at home, now working with pigs every day!

On this week’s young series we spoke with Shane Maher, who is taking the agricultural science by the scruff of it’s neck.

VIDEO - Women in Ag: Meet Kirstie McAdoo, who helps runs a farm in the middle of Dublin city!

VIDEO: In this week's Women in Ag, we meet Kirstie McAdoo, a city girl now helping to run Airfield Estate Farm in Dublin.

Hold the Bacon: Firefighters eat sausages made of piglets they saved from fire

A farmer was so happy that firemen saved the lives of a group of piglets on her farm from a fire that she served up the animals as some sausages by way of thanks to the men.

Scientists successful in gene editing, paving way for pig to human transplants

Scientists have been working with pig genomes, and claim to now be able to deactivate a number of retroviruses.

Deal sealed as Pork is set to be exported to China

The agreement will provide 1,500 jobs. Read the full story here.

Interview: Joe Healy President of the IFA, and now member of the FBD board of directors.

With Joe Healy's recent appointment to the FBD board of directors, we spoke to Joe and Profiled him and his work in the industry. 

Young Irish Farmer, becomes Pig showing champion

A young Irish Female pig 'shower' has been making waves in show competitions, becoming the pig showing champion recently.

Game of Thrones turns the fortunes of Armagh farmer around

The hit TV show hasn't just wowed audiences worldwide its also helped one Armagh man keep his family farm afloat.