Stuart Says: Has there ever been so much pressure on farmers from campaign groups?

Stuart is back and this week he is discussing how research can strength our campaigning voices, with a particular focus on the response from the farming community on veganism.

Poll Results: 89.7% said that with the price of feed they would consider feeding veg to their livestock

We asked and you answered. The results for our alternative feed poll.

Stuart Says: 'We are choosing to sweep many Irish communities under a carpet of conifers'

Stuart is back with his regular opinion piece, this time he is discussing forestry plantations and weighing up some available options.

Opinion: ‘Marts are the social fabric of rural Ireland’ – Catherina Cunnane

Is there more to livestock marts than what meets the eye? That's Farming Journalist Catherina Cunnane shares her thoughts.

Opinion: Dairy expansionist rhetoric appears to be back and its worrisome

Stuart shares his thoughts on the current dairy expansion craze and urges caution.

Opinion: Will Nitrogen fertilizer be taxed? It might just happen

Stuart shares his thoughts on a measure that might just change farming forever in Ireland.

Opinion: “At times, many have made me feel like an outsider' Catherina Cunnane on sexism in Irish farming

Does sexism exist in the farming world? That's Farming Journalist Catherina Cunnane shares her experience.

Opinion: Antibiotic resistance is the issue of this farming generation contrary to what the IFA think

Antiobitoic resistance is a major global issue for farmers worldwide. We have to treat it seriously as the very future depends on it.

Opinion: Glyphosate is going to haunt us all for years to come

Stuart shares his thoughts on the glyphosate debate and just why its one of the biggest issues facing Irish farmers good and bad.

Opinion: The small family farm is the backbone of rural Ireland and we'll fight to protect it forever

The small family farm is vital to the survival of rural Ireland and no Dublin elite is going to tell us to stop what we have been doing for centuries.

Opinion: An open letter to minister Creed on the need for generators for our power struck dairy farmers

In an open letter to Minister Creed, Stuart gives his opinion on the electricity crisis facing the dairy industry.

Opinion: Trade Agreements, but what about the beef?

Stuart is back and this time he is discussing the much publicised trade agreements.