The Farmers friend? Nokia to reissue 3310

The bomb proof phone is going to make a come back but will farmers buy?

Personality Quiz: Are you a lambing expert?

It's Sunday so that means only one thing; Quiz Time! This week are you a lambing expert?

Vets Corner: The problem with navels

Navel hygiene and treatment can never be underestimated writes Tommy in this week's Vets Corner.

Sunday Feature: Does Ireland have a real Climate change strategy?

Ireland has the ability to be a climate change leader but are we doing enough? Tom Jordan takes a look in this week's Sunday Feature.

Tillage Farming: Sizing up new machinery and maintaining winter oats

Gary Roe is back with his popular tillage diary. He's busy with winter oats and sizing up a new machinery purchase.

News Down Under: Heatwave wiping out crops and livestock for Aussie farmers

Kallee reports on whats been a very hot February in Australia which has caused huge problems for farmers there.

TF Podcast: Matt Carthy on danger of CETA to farmers

MEP Matt Carthy joins the TF podcast to discuss the fallout after CETA and what it means for Ireland's farmers.

Dairygold announce January milk price increase

Dairygold have announced they will increase their January milk price.

Hill walker judgement overturned by high court

The controversial case has come to an end.

Applications for Nitrates Derogations Open as Figures Reveal 1,921 farmers Sanctioned in 2016

Applications have opened for nitrate derogations for 2017 but last years figures show many were sanctioned for overuse.

Bees on the brink again as pesticide bans are misused and breached

International laws being outwitted by big industry to the detriment of Europe's bees.

My Grazing Week 21 on ABC robotic grazing

Andrew Walsh is back with the popular series and 40% of his spring cows have calved.