NEW SERIES: Contractor of the week: Introducing the P Farrell and sons, the family team of contractors operating out of Offaly for over 40 years!

On this all-new series, we speak to a new contractor each week. This week Kevin speaks to Catherine Farrell, of P. Farrell and Sons Contactors in Ferbane.

UK to ban all diesel and petrol cars by 2040

The UK government have announced plans to cut their emissions, by banning the purchasing of new petrol and diesel cars by the year 2040.

Judge orders return of tractors to Fermanagh contractor

After a court case in Sligo recently, a judge has ruled for the return of two tractors to an agricultural contractor.

Machinery Review: New Holland T7. 290

Stuart Downie of the crop cruisers has been checking out the New Holland T7. 290 and it hasn't disappointed!

New Holland's Two New Arrivals

Check out the latest arrivals from New Holland, the T5 and T6!