Meet the Farming Social media star brothers and musicians: The Peterson farm bros

Just when you thought Friday couldn’t get any better we bring you the Peterson Farm bros!

Farmers Music Playlist: Rainy day tunes

Storm Brian is on the way and so is the rain but why not soundtrack it!

You'll never guess what a kind hearted farmer has done to save his cattle

A very compassionate farmer has chosen to save his herd from slaughter by sending them to an animal sanctuary in the UK.

Country Music Legend Glen Campbell dies following battle with health

The star has been entertaining crowds for over fifty years, releasing seventy albums.

Farmers Music Playlist: Rainy day beats

We're back with another farmers playlist for the weekend. And we've got some tasty beats for the rainy day!

Trad Legend Sharon Shannon entertains a herd of cows!

The Clare woman grabbed the attention of four-legged fans!

Meet DJ Chris P Bacon

This one was sent onto us by Matt Smith, This is the world's hottest DJ at the moment, talk about putting on a show!!

Farmers music playlist: Wrap hits!

It's Friday so time to get the jams out! This week we've got a wrap inspired playlist (get it!) from 50 cent to Snoop Dog there guaranteed to get you going!

Video: Vegetable Orchestra

Yep you read that right. There's a group of people who play vegetables like they were instruments. Don't believe us just watch this BBC report..

Farmers Playlist: UCD Ag's Darragh Freeman

This week's Farmers Music playlist comes from UCD Ag student and dairy farmer Darragh Freeman. He's put together a few bangers too!

That's Farming: Farmers music playlist

Fancy listening to some music to get you through the foddering this evening? We've got you covered.

Top Things to do this Weekend!

Climb to the top of towering Donegal sea stacks that have been explored by less people than the moon!

Top 5 Things to do this Weekend

There's a crazy mix of things happening across the country this weekend, so you've no excuses for being bored.