IFA to lead Mercosur protest in Dublin today

IFA's Maura Canning spoke to us about the protest.

Brazil Shortcomings means they cannot ‘meat’ standards

The IFA National Livestock Chairman, Angus Woods, has says the EU have no choice but to remove Brazilian beef from Mercosur talks.

IFA ‘Meat’ EU Livestock leaders

Members of the IFA this week met up with some of the EU’S Livestock leaders, with beef and Brexit the main topics of conversation.

Mercusor & TTIP trade deals should be suspended immediately

ICMSA call for Mercusor and TTIP trade deals to be suspended immediately pending Brexit clarity  

ICMSA welcome EU’s withdrawal of original Mercosur concession on beef

Reported withdrawal of its original Mercosur offer to permit the importation of up to 80,000 tonnnes of South American Beef.