Weird Cow Breeds: Introducing the Dexter, the miniature bovine which comes from Ireland!

This week after Kevin’s trip down to one of Ireland’s largest Dexter farms, we profile the miniature breed that is the Dexter.

The future of meat packing? Full operated robot plant

Not a single hand touches the meat until it reaches the butcher shop. Read more about the new tech here!

Future Farming: The Mobile Abattoir

This week on future farming, we look into a new concept announced to the Australian agricultural industry last week, the mobile abattoir. Pictured above the blueprint for the abattoir design, courtesy of abc Australia.

Taxing Meat: Should we do it? The pros and cons

Yesterday a video was published by BBC news, featuring a farmer who thinks a tax should be introduced on meat products in a bid to save the environment.

Happy beef!

Check out this hilarious video I stumbled upon the other day, The beef's smiling anyway!

Teagasc Sheep Open Day

The Teagasc Sheep Open day was held yesterday at the Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation Centre in Athenry Co. Galway.