Weird Cow Breeds - The Blue Grey

On ‘Weird Cow Breeds’ this week we feature the Blue Grey cattle, which are the result of crossing Galloway cows with a Shorthorn bull. Read about the breed below.

Weird Cow Breeds: Shetland Cattle

Shetland cattle are considered an ancient breed, dating back to the Viking Era. Read more about the breed below.

WATCH - Future Farming - The anti-trailer theft device

On this week’s Future , we have an anti-theft device, made especially for livestock trailers. Read all about it below or check out the above video, courtesy of Wuli.

Dairy Update - Pregnancy tests, grass shortage and budgeting, bales, reseeding and more!

Growth rates affecting solids and milk yields, grass shortages, pregnancy tests, silage, maize, reseeding, bales and more. Get it all below on this week's dairy update.

All Things Haulage - Aine O’Brien

On this week’s installment of ‘All Things Haulage’, Kevin speaks to Wexford native and cattle hauler, Aine O’Brien. Read her story below.