Beef Round-Up: Market's Export's and more!

Here at, we are paying particular attention to the markets bringing you, the reader, the latest information and updates as they happen, and this weeks addition aims to be no different.

Vets Corner: Nematodirus risk time

Tommy is back this week to looks at why it's risk time for Nematodirus ? Why do we need to act fast if we suspect symptoms?

Cattle prices on the up as factories under pressure for numbers

Factories come under pressure as the first of 20,000 cattle destined for Turkey leaves Waterford

Red Hot Shorthorn Trade Hits High Of €5200

Online Pedigree Sale attracts tens of thousands of viewers as the sale topped out at €5200 for a highly sought after red and white maiden heifer

My Pedigree Week: Keeping up with Kilsunny

Ed Dudley is back this week with an update on his Pedigree Farm - Find out what Ed has been up to this week right here!

Sheep Opinion: Escape Artist Lambs and Mineral Dosing Sheep

It's been a stressful week on Eamon Healys sheep farm! Check out what's being happening right here!

Interview: Brendan Corrigan

Catherina recently caught up with Brendan Corrigan, a livestock auctioneer, estate agent, farmer and DAFM valuer. Read the full interview here.

Beef Roundup: Cormac entering the busiest time of year!

This time of year, is always the busiest on the farm in my opinion, with cows calving, cattle going out, grass growing and the evenings getting long, it’s hard not to feel re-energized after the long winter months.

Strong demand across all breeds at Kilkenny Bull sale

Topping the sale was a Limousin bull at €4300 - Ed Dudley reports

My Pedigree Week - Keeping up with Kilsunny

My Pedigree week is back this week with Ed Dudley keeping us up to date with life on his Pedigree farm!

Sheep Opinion: Have you heard of C Ovis in Sheep?

One issue on Irish sheep farms that is costing the sheep industry a significant amount of money is on the rise. This is known as 'Cysticercus Ovis'

Vets Corner: Dealing with Coccidiosis

Tommy Heffernan is back with Vets Corner this week to give us some tips on how to deal with Coccidiosis after turnout