Weird Cow Breeds: Heck Cattle

What the ‘heck’ are Heck cattle? They are a German breed, developed by two brothers, causing significant controversy in the process. Read about them below.

Farm Hacks: How to keep your drinking supplies, ice-free

This week it is all about ways to ensure your stocks drinking supply does not freeze over.

Lameness in Dairy Cows

This week, after the long winter season, we look at lameness in Dairy Cattle.

Sunday Feature: Angus beef in Four Mile House

This week, Kevin took a trip to Derrane, Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon, to visit Gilligan’s Farm, where they complete the whole beef process from start to finish.

Sheep Guide: Foot-Rot and Scald

In the next of our Sheep Guide, we look at foot-rot and scald, two big causes of lameness:

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Shorthorn Cattle expert?

Prove it here! If you get more than 8 right in this Shorthorn cattle quiz, let us know:

Beef Round-up: Choose the Right Breed for your farm

Every aspect of your farm needs to be examined to ensure the best possible outcome and profit.

Sheep Guide: Watery Mouth

Our next Sheep Guide looks at Watery mouth, a contagious disease that affects newborn lambs. It's usually fatal:

All Things Haulage: John McElchar Transport Ltd

This week Kevin spoke to John of John McElchar Transport Ltd in Ballybofey, Co. Donegal. John and his son make up a powerful haulage operation in the Forgotten county.

Sheep Guide: Minimize Mastitis Risk at Lambing

Ensure you do your best at lambing to minimise the risk of mastitis

All things Haulage: Christa Dillon -Delivering cattle all over Ireland.

Christa Dillon hails from the Isle of Man, but hauls livestock all over Ireland with her husband.

Being Brilliant at the Basics - Calf Health Check

Interchem Ireland & That's Farming bring you the next episode of Being Brilliant at the Basics - This week it's the Calf Health Check, a must know for every farmer!

Sheep Guide Part 5: Handling Sheep

In the fifth installment of our sheep guide, we give you some tips on reducing stress for you and your flock: