UK badger cull targets set too low say experts

The UK have lowered their cull targets for badgers but its leading to some experts saying that it will risk increasing TB in cattle rather than reducing it.

Wild Fires sweep through country after dry spell

Wildfires have destroyed hundreds of acres across Ireland from Cork to Donegal.

Opinion: Get this crap out of Europe: Brazilian beef must go

It's time to pick sides and we need to support our beef farmers and let the world know that Brazilian beef is crap.

Scotland to seek another independence vote

Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish First Minister has confirmed today that Scotland will seek a second vote on leaving the UK.

Personality Quiz: Are you a real Irish farmer?

It's Sunday personality quiz time and this one is brilliant. Are you a real Irish farmer? There is only one way to find out!

DDAY: Brexit must go before UK Parliament Supreme court rules

A Supreme Court Ruling this morning has declared that Article 50 must go before the UK Parliament for enactment.

CETA secret deal must not go ahead says Ming

The European MEP Luke 'Ming' Flanagan has made known his views on the proposed CETA deal.

Second case of bird flu in Ireland

The second case of bird flu was announced at the weekend.

TF Podcast: Department of Agriculture still have no real plan to deal with bird flu

The IFA’s Nigel Renaghan has lashed out at the Department of Agriculture over its failure to provide any notification, plan or strategy to Irish poultry farmers despite the disease having now reached Ireland.

Farming FrontLine: Irish marts the dinosaurs of the industry

In the first of a new opinion series, Farming Frontline: we bring you the real truth about Ireland's agriculture industry. This week; marts the dinosaurs of Irish farming.