Farmer Focus: Meet John Paul & Noreen O' Callaghan of Cois Laoi Speckle Park!

Catherina meets John Paul and Noreen O' Callaghan who are breeding Speckle Park for half a decade now!

Farmer Focus: Meet James Casey of Cnocnaratha Droimeann

Catherina meets James Casey, a man that has been breeding Droimeann cattle for one decade now.

Ireland’s Vets: Meet Ollie Keane of Cloghan Veterinary Clinic

Catherina speaks to Ollie Keane, the vet who performed a miracle on a lamb with a rare ectopic heart condition.

Junior Farmers: Meet Lauren a 15 year old Meath girl who loves farming and silage making

In the first in a mini series we talk to the next generation of farmers in Ireland first up is Meath’s Lauren Carolan a 2nd year secondary school student who loves farming and making silage.

That's Farming Podcast Bitesize: Toni Tapp Coutts' incredible Cattle Story

Listen to our interview with Toni Tapp Coutts here, as she reveals what life was like on the biggest cattle station you've ever heard of:

Interview: Wind farm opposition in Cork

We meet Nigel De Haas, a retired farmer whose against the development of windfarms in his Cork home.

Interview: Joseph Hyland of Cattle Crush Designs

Catherina interviews Joseph Hyland of Cattle Crush Designs, to find out more about his hydraulically powered cattle crush.

Farmer Focus: Rock View Herd

Catherina Cunnane interviews the Killeen family of Rock View Herd, a family with a keen passion for showing!

An Interview with a 23 year old Dairy Enthusiast

Catherina Cunnane interviews Daniel Dawson, a 23 year old Dairy Business student.

Interview: Oliver Davey of Dexter Beef Direct

Catherina Cunnane interviews Oliver Davey of Dexter Beef Direct, an organic Dexter cattle breeder

@SmallholderIRL Profile: Annette Sharp of Little Chips Farm

Catherina Cunnane interviews Annette Sharp, this week’s @SmallholderIRL Curator

An interview with FarmHedge!

Catherina Cunnane interviews Dr. John Garvey, founder of FarmHedge - A new app for dairy and beef farmers in Ireland